Last stop Sri Lanka



IMG_9001So, we decided to end our travels in a lovely 5* hotel in Sri Lanka for a week.  We had a lovely time and I finally got to see a tea plantation!  This was the only thing I wanted to do in Sri Lanka this time.  I do want to explore this country someday but it needs time, something we didn’t put in as it is the rainy season.  Although I did learn from a taxi driver that different parts of the country have better weather different times of the year.

We had booked a day with a worker at the hotel and he took us with a friend driving to the tea plantation and the Fort.  It was a bit of a nightmare really as the driver drove in true Sri Lankan bus driver style and after a near death situation, Stuart gave a firm warning!  When we met the hotel worker he informed us the tea plantation was shut.  I was not impressed as I told him this was all I wanted to see.  We had to drive a little further but we found one!  I love tea so it was a big thing for me being here.  The smell in the factory was fab.  We sat on a balcony of an old colonial building drinking tea with another couple looking at the tea plants and a book listing all the good things various teas can do for you, I hope they do considering how much I drink of it!

We also got to see cinnamon growing, being prepared and I bought some to try, can’t wait!

The fort at Colombo was nice and it was good to get out of the car, our ‘guide’ was smelling very ripe and everytime he lifted his arm to turn to talk to us it got a tadge intense!  But hey, we don’t know his living circumstances and we have found anti perspirants to be the same price at home, if not a little more expensive, so put this in perspective with living costs it’s not surprising we came across a lot of people like this on our travels.

On the way back we got stuck in traffic, it was fab!

I wasn’t sure about the elephant and its wellbeing.

So for the rest of our time in Sri Lanka we did nothing except, eat sleep, sunbathe, read and chill out! And I did have a big bubble bath, laying there listening to the sea at night was lovely.

Just a funny thing, look at this, it’s Colombo airport Duty Free!  In all my travels I have not walked through an airport to passport control looking at shops full of ovens, fridges etc!


The rainy season meant temperamental weather but we didn’t mind, it felt a little place of sanctuary before back to our old and new lives, new jobs, newish home and new chapter in our lives.


The day before we left!






One thought on “Last stop Sri Lanka

  1. it’s a beautiful place. you should explore more on your next visit. the process of taming and training an elephant is a violent one. oh well, deeply set traditions – people are not ready to revoke them yet.


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