Kuala Lumpur

IMG_8784We visited Malaysia approximately seventeen years ago and so our stop in Kuala Lumpur wasn’t our first time here. We were intrigued to find out how much it had changed.

Now as this was our penultimate stop before home we had budgeted to stay somewhere nice here and in Sri Lanka. We had booked ourselves into a 5* hotel and we were so, so looking forward to not only our own room but some luxury.

IMG_8749We arrived at our hotel and were given a room with a lovely view of the Petronas Towers. I have to say it is still a spectacular building but we were both struck by how much building work had taken place around it and it felt swamped by these other buildings. Before, I remember it standing majestically. Now our photographs contain other buildings too. We decided not to go up to the sky bridge this visit as we didn’t think we would see very much and opted to go up the Merara Tower instead. Unfortunately it was our last day and the weather wasn’t that great but we still had a good view.

The rest of our time we spent around the pool or wandering the streets and of course Chinatown’s, Petling Street Market.  Seeing as the Owner of Cardiff City Football Club is Malaysian Stuart was sure he would see a Cardiff City top here, bless him after several shops he had to admit defeat!

When we first arrived we found ourself wondering if we had put KL on a bit of a ‘pedestal’ previously as this visit the city didn’t seem to have the same cleanliness and brightness. There were many building that looked like they could do with a lick of paint and the place didn’t have that up and coming vibe that we felt on our first visit. Things had definitely changed, Chinatown’s Petling Street stalls were mostly run by Indian looking people now, not Chinese. There are all the modern cafes and eateries, we could only remember McDonalds. There seemed more malls, many full of original designer shops. We went to the area we stayed previously thinking perhaps it was because we spent more time there that our memories were differing so greatly. This area was also a little worn, it didn’t look the same modern sparkly place it had been. We realised that, in our opinion, it was due to the skytrains concrete bridges, they are very imposing, the concrete is stained and I think these overhead, parallel to the roads, blocking out the light contributed to the gloomier feeling.

In the middle of the city is a canopy walk, we did this, it wasn’t huge but with the heat we left with wet sweaty clothes and feeling exhausted. The one think the Malaysians do that hasn’t changed is really cold air on, hurray!

We left feeling refreshed, if not a little sad by the changes in Kuala Lumpur and glad that we had visited.

IMG_8830We had a lovely surprise on checking out.  We were due to check out half an hour before breakfast started and so I asked if perhaps we could have a croissant and some fruit in our room.  The receptionist was very nice checked, but said no, he said we could have some water and a sandwich to go though.  I asked for it to be sent to our room so we could eat it before leaving which he was happy to do.  I saw the Manager talk to the receptionist afterwards but didn’t think anything of it.  What arrived was a lovely trolley as initially asked for, thumbs up Seri Pacific Hotel!

It’s really strange and emotional, (who’d have thought it) thinking about coming home. We don’t want the adventures to stop but also want to see family, be home and have some home comforts. We may have had some stressful moments on our travels but the thought of going home, finding jobs and generally getting on with life does feel a tadge overwhelming…. so much to do!!

Next stop, Sri Lanka, a week to prepare for life back home!



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