IMG_8708Singapore really did live up to my expectations and more. It was clean, yey, it had pavements, yey, and I could flush toilet paper down the loo, double yey….

We booked our accommodation here ages ago and when we did we thought it would be good fun to book a pod instead of a room! I’ve got to say when I got here I was still up for the fun of it but my body was achy and I was feeling old! Shame on me but I pulled the age card and asked for a lower pod, they said they didn’t have any available and were very empathic, serves me right!

The pods were two high with a double mattress with a drop down little table. There was a locker under the lower pod. It was quite difficult getting up and down the ladder the first day but after that I mastered it and we had a laugh. Each pod comes with a ‘privacy blind’ which basically was a see through blind, so not much privacy really. We slept with ours half way up though as it was so hot, even with the aircon.

IMG_8500It was okay sharing a space with everyone, they were generally respectful and quite, well except for two Chinese girls opposite us. They did their best to be quiet but they liked to be up and out but not until they had applied a full face of makeup, after undertaking a full skin regime, then straightening their hair and posing in front of the mirror just to make double sure everything was perfect.  They even took selfies to check! They did look very pretty though. Stuart bless him found it all a bit intimidating. He came back from a shower on the last day saying ‘I can’t cope with this first thing, there’s  three of them in there and they have makeup and bottles all over one table, the whole table!’ I reminded him to look out of the window at the incredible view we had it was pretty spectacular, we were riverside looking at the famous Marina Bay Hotel which had a boat type structure joining the three towers.

We spent our days moseying around on the hop on hop off bus, doing a bit of shopping. The evenings for us were when Singapore came into its own. The Botanic Gardens were mesmerising with their tree structures which had a light show with some fantastic music and light colours in shades you do not often see in lights.

We wandered around the park after, buying food from the hawker stands and taking in the many other sights here.

We decided to walk back along the river and happened to come across another light show in the bay, we had got confused and thought the lights of the Marina Bay Hotel was this. This was really, really amazing. The water did its thing to music and then their was a laser shower with some very artistic images in the rising water.

I am so pleased we saw this, it was the hilight of Singapore for me and I very much hope to return here some day.

Ps.  Look out for the fish shoes below and the canopy with chairs underneath.  They are so cool, literally, they have a big fan under them.





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